MCA Advisors

MCA Advisors

Erratic equity markets and constrained M&A activities have made third party valuations for companies and portfolios more important than ever.  Institutional investors understand the significant benefits of communicating portfolio values to their limited partners on a timely basis.  Furthermore, transaction values and add-on investment pricings are under more scrutiny than ever before.

Into this challenging environment, the MCA valuation team brings broad experience in the software, digital media, electronics, manufacturing, healthcare and biotechnology industries.  Valuation and support services have been provided to SBICs, private equity firms, venture capital firms, banks, asset based lenders, mezzanine lenders, receivers and hundreds of individual companies.  MCA has provided over 500 company valuations over the past ten years.  None of these valuations have been returned for revisions or inaccuracies, and further, the valuations done in support of secondary market sales of portfolio assets have supported the highest level of transaction success.  MCA’s valuations have been in support of a broad area of transactions including add-on investment analysis, impairment analysis, 409-A option analysis, exit valuation analysis, secondary transaction valuations, and SBA Form 468 reviews.  These valuation reports represent the benchmark in the industry.

In addition to its established and strong valuation business, MCA has a reputation for wrapping credibility around emerging growth companies in order to position them to increase their leverage in pursuit of growth capital or a liquidity event.  Constituting advisory boards is one of the most enjoyable parts of nurturing an emerging growth company.  Attracting qualified and diverse advisory board candidates is enhanced by MCA’s continuous exposure to top level executives through both professional and social channels.

MCA has built an amazing network of executives, experts and entrepreneurs by hosting executive events that are free flowing, non-agenda forums where ideas can be exchanged in a relaxed, fun, oftentimes, humorous fashion.  These events are attended by handpicked and exceptional executives.  Recommendations regarding these enjoyable and high-value events are available via LinkedIn:

MCA has had the pleasure of working on transactions and/or strategic partnerships with iconic companies such as Hearst Corporation, iVillage, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Time Inc., Harpo, Yahoo, BMC Software, OpenText, Raychem, FIS, Vantiv, FISERV and a plethora of others for over 25 years.  Often the resulting relationships can be drawn upon to access advisory board candidates or executives for other leadership positions.

Due to MCA's reputation for quick response time and reasonable cost structure, it has become the choice for companies and institutional funds alike seeking the following services:

  • Valuation Analysis
  • Enterprise Value Analysis
  • Limited Partner Communication
  • Regulatory Valuations: 409A-144R ASC 350-ASC 805-ASC 810-ASC-820-IRC 382
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Data Analytics Software Integration
  • Key Metric Articulation
  • Monetization Efficiency
  • ROI Analysis/Investor ROI Analysis
  • Real Time Dashboard Metrics
  • Funding Analysis: Credibility, Structure, Scoring
  • Funding/Closing Probability

MCA Advisors includes Brian Callahan, Managing Director and Senior Economist; Steve McGill, Managing Director of Valuations and Senior Analyst; and Ginny Johnson, Vice President and Project Director.

Brian Callahan has been the Managing Director of MCA Advisors’ affiliate, Markwood Capital Alliance, for over 25 years and in 2005 created MCA Advisors to serve as a specialized valuation and financial analysis company.  Brian has been involved in the financial services industry since 1981 and has led a team of investment professionals in over 600 transactions including mergers and acquisitions, licensing, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, distribution agreements, equity financings, subordinated debt and senior debt financings, and restructures.  Additionally, Brian is active in various industry groups and conferences and he hosts several dozen industry events each year for executives of many industries.

Steve McGill has been the Managing Director of Valuations and the Senior Financial Analyst since the inception of MCA Advisors in 2005.  Steve has 30 years of operational and management experience in instrumentation, logistics, manufacturing services and software industries.  Most recently, he was the president of SMT Industries which supplied international manufacturing services to the electronic and computer industries.  Steve is certified through the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) and is an expert in AICPA valuation and procedures.  He has hosted numerous training seminars for SBA financial analysts in Washington D.C.

Ginny Johnson has been the Vice President of Markwood Capital Alliance for nearly 20 years and has been the Project Director for MCA Advisors since its inception.  Ginny has over 30 years of experience in real estate, financial services and investment banking with a specific expertise in research and editing analysis.  She has been involved in researching and designing hundreds of tracking documents and reports in support of transactional activities, industry analysis, comparison research and financial tracking documents and reports.