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Markwood Capital

Founded in the late ’80’s, Markwood Capital Alliance has maintained a long and fruitful presence in the heart of Orange County, primarily because friends of the firm, former clients, and business professionals have consistently seen fit to provide sound referrals who have become successful clients.  In addition to a strong referral base, Markwood team members have enjoyed the benefits of a rare and special synergy, which allows them to provide a comprehensive approach to meeting clients’ needs.  This exceptional combination, a highly regarded reputation and a compatible and efficient work group, has allowed Markwood Capital to flourish for over 25 years.

The Markwood philosophy is to initiate and build long-term relationships with companies in a broad range of industries, including digital media, cloud-based applications, business process management, gaming, SaaS software, communication technology, electronics and manufacturing.  The Company has developed a reputation for identifying viable emerging growth and middle market companies in need of on-going investment banking services, as well as those companies with immediate need to expand or otherwise change business dynamics.   

The services in which Markwood holds distinct expertise are comprehensive and range from short-term consulting on specific topics, such as building an advisory board, to long-term preparation for a liquidity event.  Some of the various areas that Markwood can analyze and address include:

Evaluating the appropriateness of funding strategies

  • Equity Financing
  • M&A Processes
  • PPM Development

Developing comprehensive monetization strategies

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Licensing Transactions
  • Advisory Board Enhancements
  • Monetization Strategy

Defining exit strategies —acquisition, IPO, management buyout

  • Due Diligence Expediting
  • Distribution Partnerships
  • Skilled Financial Negotiations
  • Corporate Governance Support                                          

Markwood Capital Alliance’s founding members include:

Brian Callahan, Managing Director, assumes primary responsibility for managing equity placements and market capitalization assignments for the Alliance.  He is also responsible for the strategic alliance program, technology business combinations and is considered unchallenged in his ability to construct world-class advisory boards.

Prior to co-founding Markwood Capital Alliance, Brian spent over ten years in corporate finance with some of the largest institutional brokerage firms in the country.  He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California at Riverside and is active as a volunteer contributor to new entrepreneurs and startup businesses.

Peter Schoenlaub, Managing Director provides the Alliance its expertise in senior and subordinated debt placements, management buyouts, debt restructuring, and manufacturing and finance mergers and acquisitions. 

Peter co-founded Markwood Capital after a successful stint with First Chicago Bancorp.  His previous affiliations spanned sixteen years in corporate finance and commercial asset-based lending with Security Pacific and Chase Manhattan.  He holds a degree in economics from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and is dedicated to serving the Mardan School for Educational Development in Irvine, CA as a board member.

Ginny Johnson, Vice President and Partner is responsible for overall transaction management for the Alliance.  In addition to managing and coordinating all support functions for clients, Ginny provides administrative expertise to internal office matters. 

Before joining Markwood Capital, Ginny spent several years as an educator and in the field of real estate finance.  Her B.S. from the University of Kansas is in English Language Communications.